Anjali Monteiro & K.P. Jayasankar

Anjali Monteiro | K.P. Jayasankar



Image Making I

(Basic course, 2 credits, Semester 1, MA in Media and Cultural Studies)


The course critically explores visual images and media narratives, to understand how they are constructed in and through relationships of power and resistance. It enables the students to appreciate the many complex layers and codes involved in image making and representation. It also facilitates a critical engagement with contemporary visual culture in India.

Image Making II

(Basic course, 2 credits, Semester 2, MA in Media and Cultural Studies)


This course introduces key issues, debates and movements in documentary film, illustrated with screenings of selected documentary classics. Through the exploration of the work of selected filmmakers, it also aims to sensitise students to the formal elements and changing language of documentary film. This course also seeks to understand the history of documentary film in India, locating it in the context of shifting discourses on state, nation, gender and development, encompassing a range of styles and approaches. Throughout the course, the claim of the documentary to represent the “real” is critically interrogated.

Working with Video I

(Basic course, 3 credits, Semester 2, MA in Media and Cultural Studies)


A hands-on course that uses the technical inputs provided in Semester I to take students through the process of producing two short video pieces. It familiarises students with conceptualising, visualising and creative writing for the production of a music video and a public service spot. This course combines the technical and aesthetic aspects of production.

Working with Video II

(Basic course, 4 credits, Semester 3, MA in Media and Cultural Studies)


A hands-on course that takes students through the process of producing a documentary film in small groups around a broad common theme relating to the city of Mumbai. It familiarises students with the documentary production process from concept through script, documentation and post-production. At the end of the course, the students would have skills for developing a concept and proposal, doing research for documentary, interacting with communities for making a film, scripting, undertaking video documentation and editing a documentary.