Films Mentored

Fellowship Films

Chatkorichya Athvani
Directed by Shweta Ghosh, 2014

Kicking from the Corner
Directed by Vikram Buragohain, 2014

Waiting For A Storm
Directed by Prachi Mokashi, 2013

Where The Clouds End
Directed by Wanphrang Diengdoh, 2013

Dere Tun Dilli
Directed by Shilpi Gulati and Divya Cowasji, 2012, with English subtitles

Old Routes New Journeys
Directed by Abeer Gupta, 2012

No Kidding
Directed by Nikhil Titus, 2011, 30 minutes, with English subtitles

Before Dark
Directed by Ajay T.G, 2010, 33 minutes, with English subtitles

Directed by Jagannathan Krishnan, 2010, 67 minutes, with English subtitles

My Name is Basheer
Directed by Anushka Meenakshi, 2009, 66 minutes, Malayalam and English, with English subtitles

Flex ‘n Faces
Directed by Shrikant Agawane, 2009, 20 minutes, Marathi, with English subtitles

Student Films

Affirming Divercity (5 music videos and 5 PSAs)
English and Hindi, 2015, TISS

Castemopolitan Mumbai (6 documentaries)
English and Hindi, 2015, TISS

Dreaming Free (6 music videos and 6 PSAs on gender and public space)
English and Hindi, 2014, TISS

Giran Mumbai (4 documentaries and a website under construction)
English and Marathi, 2014, TISS

Remembering 1992 (6 documentaries and website)
English and Hindi, 2013, TISS

From the Margins (5 short documentaries)
English and Hindi, 2012, TISS

TISStory (5 documentaries and website)
English, 2011

Koliwada Gazing

Gender Unpack (4 short films)
28 mins, English, PSBT, 2006

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